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Contraception and Infertility Research Loan Repayment Program

Published on AidPage by IDILOGIC on Jun 24, 2005

Criteria for selecting proposals...

Review criteria for CIR-LRP applications include: (1) Appropriateness of the applicant's previous training and experience as preparation for a career in contraception and infertility research; (2) Suitability of the applicant's proposed clinical research activities in the two-year period to foster a career in contraception and infertility research; (3) Assessment of the applicant's commitment to a research career as reflected by the personal statement of long-term career goals and the plan outlined to achieve those goals; (4) Strength of recommendations attesting to the applicant's potential for a career in contraception and/or infertility research; (5) Availability of appropriate scientific colleagues to achieve and/or enhance the applicant's research independence; and (6) Quality and appropriateness of institutional resources and facilities.